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Jan van Brabant College is a school that provides secondary education on three levels VMBO, Havo and VWO to approximately 1150 children from various backgrounds. We also have a bilingual stream for Havo and Vwo. Our school is  always looking for ways to improve our education and is collaborating with various partners from all over the world to share experiences and develop new ideas. The school is strong in internationalisation meaning that all our pupils do projects with partner schools. Most of these projects are embedded
in the schoolcurriculum.

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Our school is situated in the city center of Helmond, the Netherlands. Helmond is a small city close to Eindhoven, in the southern part of The Netherlands. The area has a wide expansion of agricultural estates and large industrial estates.

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Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. P.Skargi in Grojec is an upper secondary school preparing students, aged 15 to 18, for university education. The school is one of the oldest ones in the district of Grojec and in the whole Mazowiecke Province. It was founded in 1912. There are 50 teachers and about 600 students in the school. The secondary school students come from different social backgrounds.

A large number of students come from rural areas and most of them need to be strongly motivated to take an active part in school life. Even though there are a few organizations existing at school (e.g. Red Cross, Volunteers' Club, Film Discussion Club or Students' Sport Club), they still need additional, multicultural activities so that they could be more actively involved in the school life and cooperate more willingly, understanding the importance of both their cultural roots and respect for different social and cultural backgrounds. There are a few students of ethnic minorities.

The school is situated in a small town (about 15 thousand inhabitants), which makes it easier to be in touch with students' parents in order to solve problems immediately. The students feel the need of, and have deep interest in, learning about other cultures and making friends with students from abroad.

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