Exchange to The Netherlands was one of the coolest things in my life. I think Erasmus+ gave me an amazing opportunity to meet new people and make friends in another country, I learned there more about the Second World War - the subject of our project. My language right now is so much better than before the exchange. I spent an amazing time in Helmond, I fell in love with my host family, who were so nice to me. Anyway, all the trips - to Amsterdam for example, were amazing. I visited so many places. I haven't got words to describe how wonderful that visit to the Netherlands was.

Izabela Wąsowicz

Staying in the Netherlands was a very interesting event. The most impressing was the school, especially the beautiful library and its atmosphere. Everybody was kind to each other and everyone was joking. I'm glad that I could visit Anna Frank's house, because I was curious about her history. But what is the most important I improved my English and broke the language barrier. 

Natalia Andziak

My memories from the exchange with the Dutch students are amazing! It was a great experience to be part of this project. During that week we had a chance to participate in lessons in English. We were integrating with our host families. Cycling to school was also amazing. Summarising, the whole time in the Netherlands was really nice!

Martyna Tolak

I found the week in the Netherlands very interesting and funny. The first reason was that I met a friend of mine - Julia, we had so much fun at her place, we knew each other better and everyday we hung out with our friends. Of course I had to communicate in English and  I can say that I am more fluent now. My dream came true, because I had always wanted to go to Anna Frank's museum and we were there. I would love to go there again. I hope that I will go to the Netherlands again soon. 

Zuzanna Durka

I think it was an amazing week with awesome people. I had a chance to meet a new culture and lifestyle. I hadn't expected that Dutch people are so kind. Trips like this are a great opportunity to visit a variety of places and meet fantastic people. It was the best week in my life and I hope we will keep in touch with all the participants from this project.

Oliwia Hawrus

The trip to the Netherlands was an amazing experience for me . I met wonderful people and I'm glad that I could see the different culture and explore this beautiful country. I discovered many beautiful places. I could see how the students live, how they spend free time, a lot about war and their education system. I visited many museums and I found out a lot about the Second World War in the Netherlands and people who were living in that time. This week was great and I will never forget  this.

Zuzanna Jędrzejewska

During the exchange I stayed with a great family, they were very friendly . Actually everything was great . Jan van Brabant is a beautiful school and the teachers there are very communicative. Helmond is also very beautiful. Everything was well planned. This week gave me the opportunity to practise my English skills. I liked this trip very much.

Karolina Żukowska

Program Erasmus+ is a good opportunity to improve skills in English, because we speak English all week long, and you can realize which English skills you should improve. During the week of exchange you live with families, so you realize what their daily life looks like, what their responsibilities are, what they do in free time. Moreover, you learn the culture of the country and make new friendships. I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in a similar project in following years.

Igor Mazurek

First of All, things that I most liked and remembered are cycling and differences between Poland and the Netherlands. The family I lived with was really kind and I spent a good time with them. The activities we had in the schedule were also good. Really interesting was the Airborne Museum, which had an experience room where you could see what war looked like. Also really interesting was the meeting at the school where we could try different traditional meals. We spent too much time on lessons at school.


Our visit in the Netherlands was really exciting. My family was very lovely. They treated me as a member of their family. This trip gave me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge of English. Gradually, I see that I’m getting better and better. Now I don’t have difficulties with communication with Foreigners.

Rafał Wilk

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