A live lesson of history.

Last Tuesday, on the 12th of January, members of Erasmus+ project had a pleasure to take part in the meeting with war veteran Adam Mazguła. Mr. Mazguła served in military service for 30 years as a commander. From 2003 to 2004 he was helping in the reconstruction of Babilon Province in Iraq. Currently he is a chairman of the association called "Karpatczycy", which takes care of history, traditions and deeds of combat of Carpathian units.


The speech was divided into two parts. In the beginning Mr.Mazguła talked about his life’s experience. He was the commander of the Polish troops in the mission in Iraq a few years ago. Although he is military retired now, he also remained very active socially. What's more, he still conducts scouting in his home town. He was lucky to survive and not to suffer physically. But we all know what he struggled with. In the first part he was also talking about unusual involvement of Polish soldiers in battles and the Allies' treason during the II World War, for example Carpathian Rifle Troops. In the second one he was talking about Polish soldiers' lives and their experiences during the peace mission in Iraq. He also was talking about immigration of people from African countries. He told us that they had different views in almost every point and he talked about the attitude of Arabs towards European culture, habits, values, etc. He also talked about women’s situation and the relationships between Arabs and foreigners. He showed us many interesting photos. Students were really impressed with Mr. Mazguła’s experiences and his interesting stories he told.

We hope that Mr. Adam Mazguła's speech was a good lesson for everyone and it encouraged them to learn about history. It also opened our minds to problems of the world nowadays.

Martyna L. / Zuzanna L. / Malgorzata M.

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