Meeting in Helmond, History of the Migration in the Netherlands and Poland. During this short-term meeting the students stayed in host families and participated in the activities to learn about the history. They also learned about the culture of The Netherlands.  The students also participated in a programme that concentrated on the Migration in both Poland and The Netherlands: revising the causes and consequences of war/after war/communism era/today’s migrations, the outlook on immigration waves – consequences and their impact on society (cultural/economic/religious,etc), the changing situation in Europe nowadays, the existence of Dutch companies on Polish market and the Polish ones on the Dutch, the integration between the two countries nowadays and their relationships with other European nations – the impact of historical background on the relationships. The activities were as follows:

- introduction activities to learn to know each other,

- a cultural trip to Amsterdam,

- visiting the Openluchtmuseum Arnhem, a museum with several exhibitions about migration in The Netherlands,
- planning and working on the articles on, creating the fifth part of the magazine,  
- ddiscussion comparing the phenomenon of migration in the countries of the project,
- discussion concerning policies that could help reduce the problems encountered,
- searching for solutions to reduce the problems (workshop),
- debating over immigration/emigration, its impact on economy, cultural influences, collaboration between countries to deal with migrations,
- visiting the schools which immigrants' children attend, interviewing the students,
- attending lessons to learn about the similarities and differences of the systems of education in Poland and the Netherlands,
- making decisions about activities following-up the meeting,
- making decisions about results of the meetings and material posted on the project site, 
- activities in order to know the culture of the country where the meeting is held,
- assessment of meeting (questionnaires),
- assessment of the goals achievement (questionnaires).

Future of history November 26th – December 1st:

Sunday November 26th 

Dutch students and teachers go to Amsterdam, to pick up the polish guests. Also, a visit to the scheepvaart museum is planned. We’ll arrive in Helmond around 18.00 hours. 

8.40 Dutch students leave at Helmond trainstation

9.40 Polish guests arrive at Schiphol

10.30 Dutch students arrive at Amsterdam central station, free time in Amsterdam centre

13.30 visit maritime museum

16.00 leave for Helmond by train

18.00 Arrive in Helmond, students stay with host families

Monday November 27th

  9.00 introduction, tour around the school, activities to learn to know each other (Karin)

11.00 break

11.25 presentations of both schools (Wietse) A13

12.15 regular lessons according to personal schedule

Tuesday November 28th (Mart, Karin, Wietse)

10.00    arrival Gasthuisstraat 79

10.20    welcome, tour around the school (in English)

11.05    school break

11.25    lesson: World orientation. Interview with students in Dutch or English)

12.10    end of this activity, return to Molenstraat (by bike)

13.05    Debate (A13) 

13.50   regular lessons, in free hours students will work on Jilster

Wednesday November 29th (Mart, Wietse, Karin)

 9.00 leave for Arnhem, Visit openluchtmuseum Arnhem

15.00 arrive in Helmond, work on article for Jilster 

Thursday November 30th

  8.30     regular lessons according to personal schedule 

12.15   host speaker (Gerjan) in A13 - Migrations

13.35    free time to go to the shop, and prepare the dishes for dinner

18.00   arrival for dinner, hand out the certificates

Friday December 1st 

6.01     Polish guests leave for airport, from Helmond trainstation

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